About M+A


The M+A name represents two powerful brands – Mountville and Andersen – with nearly a century of combined experience developing and manufacturing mats designed to make environments safer, cleaner, and more comfortable.


In 1963, the late Emmett Hart, with his wife Nancy by his side, established Mountville Mills.  A little over a decade later, in 1974, the late Walter Andersen established The Andersen Company.   Throughout the years, the companies drove innovations in their respective markets; Mountville in the textile rental market, and Andersen in the janitorial/sanitary supply markets.  Driven by quality, innovation, and customer service, they paved the way for future generations to expand the business.  In 1999, these flagship brands joined forces to become the largest mat manufacturer in the world, and in 2018 we made the union official with a name change to M+A Matting.

For decades, we’ve been a symbol of quality and customer service.  We’re the driving force in the mat industry, developing the next generation of mats designed to provide superior safety, cleanliness, and comfort to workers and customers across the world.  Whether you need entrance matting, logo matting, or anti-fatigue matting, M+A has you covered.  There are three principles that guide every action we take, every decision we make, and every mat we produce:  

  • Do the right thing. 
  • Do what is best for the customer. 
  • Drive improvements and innovation. 

It is these core values that drive us to provide our customers with high-performance, high-quality matting and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

The site you’re on now – mamattingsolutions.com – offers a selection of M+A mats available direct to the end user. If you’re a distributor of M+A Matting or looking to become a distributor of M+A Matting, please visit www.mamatting.com.

If you're an end-user who would prefer to purchase mats through a distributor because of an existing relationship, we completely understand and fully support that.  We work with thousands of local, regional, and national distributors across the US and abroad and would be more than happy to connect your with one or more of them.  These distributors are great partners in our effort to make facilities safer, cleaner, and more comfortable.  You can complete the form here and our team will reach out and help connect you with a distributor(s)